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Since then I have noticed that I can now zoom I 1.5x on the rear camera but I can do the same on the forward facing camera. AWESOME! Thanks To all of you at Alfred… Keep up the great work.

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Ich nutze ein Samsung S 3 als Kamera, die Kamera ansich kann zoomen aber über Alfred geht es nicht.
Sie sgen man kann ältere Handys als Kamera nutzen, aber wenndie nicht älter als zwei Jahre sein dürfen hilft das auch nicht, bin etwas entäuscht.


We are sorry that Alfred Premium hasn’t seemed to work as it should for you.

However, we took a look at the logs and found that Alfred running on your devices are not updated to the latest version. Could you please update Alfred on all devices to make sure it works the best? You should be able to Zoom afterward.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

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It would be nice to be able to zoom in on motion detected recorded videos, catch that burglars face in high res :grin:

Just a suggestion for future releases.


Hi Randy,

Thanks for the feedback!

We will definitely look into this idea. Please continue to support Alfred and staty tuned!

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Once the video is captured you only have the data in the clip itself to work with. You can already zoom in on video with certain media players or by enabling zoom on your Android device in settings/accessibility.


No I just upgraded for the zoom feature and I have a brand new lg phone and it won’t let me zoom so I’m not very happy right now

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Hi Tom,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

We tried our best to make the feature work on as many devices as possible. However, there are still some technical difficulties we were not able to overcome.

The Zoom is not available on all devices and/or lens. In most cases, this happens because the resolution of the camera sensor is too low (for example, the front-facing lens on older models).

We took a look at your devices, and we found out your LG Camera does not support the Zoom-In feature because of the resolution limitation. However, you can try to set Alfred Camera on other devices to see if Zoom could work successfully.

In the meantime, our engineers are working hard to break the limitations and optimize the Zoom feature. Hopefully, Zoom will be available to more devices in next major update. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned.

Hope it helps! Please let me know if you need further assistance!



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Personally, not a fan. The idea is great, tho area clicked is not always area that is zoomed in on. If were able to pan the screen once zoomed or pinch to zoom the area you prefer would be a great feature.


Hey Tanner,

We understand that we still have things to improve on the Zoom function. Thanks for the feedback and our engineering team will try to adjust the mechanism referring to your suggestion.

In the meantime, we hope Alfred has been working well for you. Please stay tuned to future updates!


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Es tut mir leid, dass Sie rolf.weyrauch enttäuscht sind. Ich benutze auch ältere Handys. Versuchen Sie, die O.S. zu aktualisieren. Das sollte das Problem lösen. Viel Glück.

Jilbär D

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This is a really handy tool to have. I love it. Wishing night vision worked a little better. But otherwise very good security device. Five stars


Hiiiiii how are u?(;

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Cuuuuuuuuty love the hair (;

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First the zoom feature works pretty good. I have no issues using it from my viewer cell phone other than it not always zooming in on the area I wanted. With that in mind here are some suggestions…

-Allow the user to pan around once zoomed in, either by adding some arrows (may be easier to implement) or letting us drag a window around.

-I also have found that the camera may have focused on something in the foreground so that when I zoom in the image is not always focused very well. If you could implement some way to force a refocus on the zoomed in area that would be great. Similar to exposure, if there is say a window with bright sunlight and I try to zoom in on a different area the image is really dark.

-As mentioned it would be great if there were multiple zoom states to choose from, ie not just ON/OFF. I know this is probably a limitation on the phone being used but if this could be done that would be great.

Das Problem ist erst seit ich das Abo gekündigt habe, bezahlt habe ich aber bis Ende des Jahres ich glaube das man mich einfach abgehängt hat

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I upgraded to premium and then tried to zoom using my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus as the viewer and when I tried to zoom I get a message this device does not support zoom this is not an old device obviously did not knew last year do I have any options available to do zoom other than buying a new phone? Have screenshot but don’t see option to attach

What device is the camera ?