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Personally, not a fan. The idea is great, tho area clicked is not always area that is zoomed in on. If were able to pan the screen once zoomed or pinch to zoom the area you prefer would be a great feature.


Hey Tanner,

We understand that we still have things to improve on the Zoom function. Thanks for the feedback and our engineering team will try to adjust the mechanism referring to your suggestion.

In the meantime, we hope Alfred has been working well for you. Please stay tuned to future updates!


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Es tut mir leid, dass Sie rolf.weyrauch enttäuscht sind. Ich benutze auch ältere Handys. Versuchen Sie, die O.S. zu aktualisieren. Das sollte das Problem lösen. Viel Glück.

Jilbär D

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This is a really handy tool to have. I love it. Wishing night vision worked a little better. But otherwise very good security device. Five stars


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First the zoom feature works pretty good. I have no issues using it from my viewer cell phone other than it not always zooming in on the area I wanted. With that in mind here are some suggestions…

-Allow the user to pan around once zoomed in, either by adding some arrows (may be easier to implement) or letting us drag a window around.

-I also have found that the camera may have focused on something in the foreground so that when I zoom in the image is not always focused very well. If you could implement some way to force a refocus on the zoomed in area that would be great. Similar to exposure, if there is say a window with bright sunlight and I try to zoom in on a different area the image is really dark.

-As mentioned it would be great if there were multiple zoom states to choose from, ie not just ON/OFF. I know this is probably a limitation on the phone being used but if this could be done that would be great.

Das Problem ist erst seit ich das Abo gekündigt habe, bezahlt habe ich aber bis Ende des Jahres ich glaube das man mich einfach abgehängt hat

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I upgraded to premium and then tried to zoom using my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus as the viewer and when I tried to zoom I get a message this device does not support zoom this is not an old device obviously did not knew last year do I have any options available to do zoom other than buying a new phone? Have screenshot but don’t see option to attach

What device is the camera ?

Great feature! Unfortunately, it won’t zoom on the bottom of the image. I’m using an iPhone as the viewer. Any ideas? Seems like a bug.

Not very useful. Only zooms in on double tap, can’t move around when zoomed, and can only alternate between 1x and 2x. Can’t zoom more than 2x.

I might also add that the higher resolution is also not that great. I’m wondering what the point of paying 39 dollars was. It’s really not much more useful than the unpaid version at this point.

LOL 40 bucks I thought it was expensive here at £30, I will have to check to see if it’s gone up. Please Ryan check your favourite market website for a proper IP camera. I have two which were £15 each and urinates all over Alfred in every way except for the secure cloud storage which Alfred offers free anyway. But you can set up your own cloud storage.

Love the zoom feature I wish I had a better phone than this Alcatel. It’s camera
Kind of crummy. Good job with zoom

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Zoom does not work on any of my devices. Samsung Galaxy 7, samsung note 8 no zoom

현재 "zoom"기능을 two touch 확대하는 방법 밖에없는데요…ㅠ 일부가 아닌 전체적인 확대기능은 없나요? 예를 들어서 No touch --> 손가락
두개로 원하는 부분을 늘리는 방법이요?
원하는곳을 확대하고 싶은데요?