Share Your Thoughts on WebViewer 2.0!

it’s good but it feels heavy / slow technically like its hard ont he browser and not light

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On pc it freezes and also it would be cool to use our pc as a camera as well, it also would be nice if u sold cameras that goes to Alfred for a small fee, and it would be nice to zoom in with out a membership, you should offer a 3d view that allows you to look around the room with the camera, suggestions :slight_smile: but thank you for the free app

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I agree it does seem heavy on the browser for me it freezes a lot

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I’m trying to connect to my PC but it’s not loading.
Other than that, I like everything about Alfred.
I love the premium.
Everybody should try this high quality HD.

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You’re welcome.
I will connect to my portable battery cell charger.
This is something awesome!
I love this application.
Thanks Alfred for security and safety.

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Why would I want to see a side view of what I’m looking at when viewing on web viewer.

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Great features But I would like you to add a feature witch allows you to view more than 1 camera on 1 screen.

On web viewer, the option to select the number of rows and columns of cameras and/or to arrange the cameras on the web viewer. For example, I have 4 cameras. I would like them all on one row (top row) and any announcements/messages below them, not in the middle of the cameras as it is now.

Love Love LOVE this app!
I have 2 old laptops I would love to use as a camera too. An update to allow computers to be cameras too would be :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grinning::sunglasses:


I agree love this app… how are you doing?

For laptops and desktops you could try an emulator but there are also alternatives.

I would like to see the option to view videos in ascending order like on the app. Just noticed the ascending feature the other day. Much easier to go right to go forward in time.

U. aaaaare hotttttyy