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Hey @AccessDenied,

We will report this to our engineering team. Thanks so much for the feedback!


Thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoy the journey with Alfred.

Let us know if you have further question/feedback!


여러카메라를 동시에 볼수있게 해주세요 유료결제한 보람있게요



Thanks for making Alfred a better service for your feedback!

This a feature we are looking into. We will take your advice into account and discuss it with our engineering team. Since many factors have to be taken into consideration, we can’t give you a timeline yet.

In the meantime, we hope Alfred has been working well for you! Please stay tuned!


I see no video whener I click on the thumbnail that does show my camera recording,


Hi Bruno,

What do you see on the screen? Are you able to log in properly? Is the screen just black?

In any case, there are a few things you can try:

  1. Modify the settings:
  1. Disable all plug-ins and extensions.

  2. Open Alfred in Incognito mode.

  3. Try Chrome.

  4. Try on a different PC.

Please keep us posted! There are many, many variables when it comes to the WebViewer, which makes troubleshooting more complicated.