Share Your Thoughts on Voice Assistant Integration!

it would be absolutely great (and exclusively on your end from phone security camera devices) to ask google assistant to display the camera view on the chromecast, in order to live view the camera.


Please add voice commands like “Show me front door camera” or ”Share garage camera with John Smith”


I was able to connect assistant to Alfred, but whenever I say a command there is an error message. So, it doesn’t work… Unfortunately there are no clues to the cause of the error…

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Tried again today. Still doesn’t work. Alfred says that something went wrong when turning off motion detection. I have 4 cameras and turning motion detection off takes too long. Please at least provide a button I can push when I come home so that not tons of alarms are going off all the time…


I too am having the same issue with Google assistant. Alfred tells me an error occurred when attempting to turn on, or off, motion detection.

Hi @steinmh, @xanderfied,

Thank you for reaching out!

After you link Alfred to Google Assistant, please try saying " Talk to Alfred Camera", then say " Turn on/off Motion Detection" to see whether the situation persists. If you want, you can check out more details here:

Hope it helps!

Can I link Alfred Camera to Google Assistant on my Iphone 8+? I don’t see a “Setting” link in my menu options. Iphone 8+ Version 11.2.6 …Alfred Version 1.10.6. a

Hi @giovanni.larramendi,

Thank you for reaching out!

For the moment, Google Assistant only work with Alfred on Android devices. It is something we may develop in the future to make Google Assistant work with Apple Phone. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

I’m trying to set up Google assistant and it is saying there is an error or that it is confused I followed the instructions what little there were and still cannot connect Google assistant to the Android. I am using the latest Android updates and Alfred updates

Hi @jemersonmcgowan

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please try unlink Alfred to Google Assistant and link it back again to see whether the situation persists.

After you activate Google Assistant, tap the Card icon on the top right corner, search Alfred Camera and unlink your account there.

Hope it helps!

Tried that Luke but, still no go. Alfred still says “dont understand”. I can get the assistant to talk to Alfred Camera but cannot connect the two together

Hi @jemersonmcgowan,

Thank you for reaching back!

From the screenshot, it seems Alfred has already connected to Google Assistant. Please try saying " Turn on/off Motion Detection " and see whether it works :slight_smile:

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!

It would be awesome to be able to enable and disable the camera. We use one as a doggie cam for while we are at work and currently I have to lunch the app and enable it every morning and disable it every night when I get home. If the disable/enable would be available I think I could setup Google assistant to auto do this for me when it knew I was home. That would be amazing


I have successfully linked Alfred to Google Assistant but it only turns on/off motion detection for 1 camera, not all. I have used “turn on/off”, “arm/disarm” and “cameras” instead of “camera” all with the same result. Any fixes?

It would be amazing to be able to rout motion notifications to IFTTT. Then we could do things like automatically turn on flood lights. Thanks, Alfred is amazing

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Sheniqua James @@@[Home Security Tips] Turn Your Old Phones into Security Cameras

You guys should come up with a way for Assistant to turn on and off camera. That’s my only problem with the app. Other than that, great job!!

I use two Google Mini’s, one upstairs in my room and the other in my downstairs living room.
I’d love to be able to tell Alfred Command to put Alfred LR (Living Room designation) in power save mode, or to ask Alfred Command to turn Alfred BR’ s light on, in this way 1. Giving anyone watching the impression that someone is home, and
2. Giving me the confidence that the Alfred voice command link with Google Assistant is more than a one pony show…I mean, turn on motion detection…otherwise Alfred says I can’t help you with that, what else would you like me to do??? Do you know how many times I asked Alfred to do something helpful and cool before I determined he was BU (Basically Useless). I mean the options are incredibly various, and potentially very important.
Thank you for your time.
One quick thing to add, I recognize the obvious point that my camera element of Alfred Security is limited by, well, my camera. Currently using an older LG Volte, and it’s…well honestly, its awful. Especially at night.
Have you all considered a return phone exchange network, established by you all and administered or looked after to some degree by us,the Alfred app users? No payroll…no bogging down a nimble company with a messy department…you might be surprised if we had some basic guidelines established, how little you’d had to be involved. I have an iPad mini 2 right now, in perfect working condition, except it’s iOS is the 9.3.5, The camera is amazing, however I’d so much prefer to have a tablet capable of dl’ing most if not all apps because if it’s updated iOS. IPad mini cannot, nor ever will be able to function in so many ways. Point being, if someone was looking for a great camera, and just the basic ability to dl Alfred, they’d have it, if they had a trade (even of lesser value obviously that had a better OS. A knock off Samsung or an LG, something not necessarily desirable, I just lie to have a decent back up with a solid os.
Ok, did not intend to ramble so.
Again, thank you for your time and attention.

I don’t need voice assistant at all but a well working APP with motion detect in a sense making way.
Please, dear Alfred Team, focus on the important issues and not on minor things.
Make the APP with Motion Detect work, otherwise no one will need Voice Assistant integration.
Thank you!


Been saying this for ages but it seems like any excuse for an update. The " disable when the camera device is moving" feature is surely the most pointless of all security camera features and is probably the path of less resistance taken by the Devs to try and boost Alfred’s feature list.
It’s easy. Motion detection, Alert, Live view, Two way coms. The secure cloud storage is Alfred’s forte and that’s the only reason I’m still here…at the moment.