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Please make it avaliable on IOS devices, at least as spectate to activate siren on an android device set as camera. Pleaseeeee


Sirven operating systems inicializated


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Share your thoughts on Siren!
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CS SpecialistMay
Hey Superheroes!

Have you tried Alfred’s brand new Siren feature? We hope you like it!

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or stories to share, please do so by replying to this post. We’d love to hear from you!


May 8
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Jun 22
@luke.yeh hey Luke, seen you been busy with your cut and paste tool ! Time to force a search button before posting a question ?
Am looking forward to testing your alarm just got to physical get to my camera devices to update them. Will update you soon. Congratulations on extending the Apps features.

Jun 23
@luke.yeh okay have updated my Alfred to 1622 had to force the update on my viewer device as auto update didn’t go to the latest version ?? Anyway the siren feature works… but who choose the sound ? Sounds like you couldn’t decide which siren effect to use so used all three of them. If you cannot give us the choice of our own sound/clip/MP4)midi then please just choose one. Thanks for the hard work of your team Luke.


Jun 23
@luke.yeh Hi Luke, not sure we need to hear the siren at the viewer end, just a soft beep to confirm that the siren is operating, Unless I’m hearing the feedback from the camera device.
Edit… It’s feed back from the camera device. Just hit the mute speaker button for peace and serenity at the viewer end whilst all hell breaks loose at the camera end. Sweet.

CS SpecialistJun 24
Hi @pinky-free-user,

Thanks for reaching out!

Appreciate the feedback! The sound was picked through an internal vote. We do consider to offer the option to play pre-recorded audio files from users in the future. Please stay tuned!


Jun 25
My version doesn’t have this. Where can I get this?

Jun 26
@airraidaaron update to version 1622

Jun 26
Upgrade version or free?
I’m on 1622 on camera/viewer. Nothing.

The Update comes when it comes I see. I’ve never had autoupdate working however.

Jun 26
@RabidSquirrel hi Chippy here’s a screenshot of mine. Alarm button is on bottom right
Screenshot_2018-06-26-09-52-24-931Screenshot_2018-06-26-09-52-24-931.jpeg1080x1920 714 KB

Jun 26
Will look. Thank you

Share your thoughts on Siren!


I thought the siren should have Bluetooth ability to be produced via HiFi system or the home theatre system if this occurred the siren would then be amplified 5 times then that of the basically ringtone volume set for the phone siren… Also too if the siren isn’t a particular volume & decibel its simply just a dead giveaway that there is a surveillance in operation! to me that’s a big huge no fair even in sun tzu’s book the art of war he outlined the key to winning in battle relies on those who produce surprise tactics! thus given the nature of surprise, or element of surprise… If a criminal is surprised by a sheer magnitude of sound it will 99% of the time interfere, disrupt, put a criminal into panic or haste, with confusion! whilst not giving up the either well thought of phone position of monitoring, critical events! hence preserving, surveillance operations or evidence that maybe used by police… Or investigations


Can’t use it becuase the rest of old alfr has to work first


I would the possibility to auto energize the Siren when a motion is detected.


:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:I cannot wait to catch a roomate in my room when Im not there-- Ooh to be the fly on the wall when I sound that Siren​:rotating_light:— TO BE CONTINUED…


It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The siren idea was and AWESOME addition to Alfred.


I agree. I intend to make my next build using speakers connected to the phone.
This way I can tell the firework throwing don’t go to school (ever) kids they are caught for the PO-lice


For the first time burglary suspect, with the volume on max or phone will send them running. Now, attached to Bluetooth speaker(s) at a high or a higher level will send even the Professional theft heading for the hills