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Siren Supports for Alfred Android!

@luke.yeh hey Luke, seen you been busy with your cut and paste tool ! Time to force a search button before posting a question ?
Am looking forward to testing your alarm just got to physical get to my camera devices to update them. Will update you soon. Congratulations on extending the Apps features.


@luke.yeh okay have updated my Alfred to 1622 had to force the update on my viewer device as auto update didn’t go to the latest version ?? Anyway the siren feature works… but who choose the sound ? Sounds like you couldn’t decide which siren effect to use so used all three of them. If you cannot give us the choice of our own sound/clip/MP4)midi then please just choose one. Thanks for the hard work of your team Luke.


@luke.yeh Hi Luke, not sure we need to hear the siren at the viewer end, just a soft beep to confirm that the siren is operating, Unless I’m hearing the feedback from the camera device.
Edit… It’s feed back from the camera device. Just hit the mute speaker button for peace and serenity at the viewer end whilst all hell breaks loose at the camera end. Sweet.


Hi @pinkylee020,

Thanks for reaching out!

Appreciate the feedback! The sound was picked through an internal vote. We do consider to offer the option to play pre-recorded audio files from users in the future. Please stay tuned!


My version doesn’t have this. Where can I get this?


@airraidaaron update to version 1622


Upgrade version or free?
I’m on 1622 on camera/viewer. Nothing.

The Update comes when it comes I see. I’ve never had autoupdate working however.


@chipfryer hi Chippy here’s a screenshot of mine. Alarm button is on bottom right


Will look. Thank you


Goodness… Yes it’s there.
So that’s been there since May???

I think there’s a serious need for update schedules and announcements really.

‘In this update’ etc.
Just seems a pity folks miss out on something quite useful.

Master Luke:
Could we not pin a message on the forum when an update is available please?

I don’t use autouodate because I don’t use MS rubbish until I absolutely have to.

It would help for new content, updates also. Might relieve a few questions too if you lock the thread.

Best. Thank you Pinky.
(Thought that was for upgraded users).


For the siren could you consider some thing like they have on semi trucks. A loud beep then “warning this vehicle is reversing” but have warning you are being recorded to a secure cloud server and are in deep po po. Or something similar ? @luke.yeh


Thank you. I don’t know why my auto updater wasn’t working.


I think that you should allow people in the trusted circle have full access to the siren feature and not just the camera owner.


It would be a good idea to have the ability to have the option to allow individual members of your trust circle to certain functions of Alfred.


Hi @pixie51817,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

For the moment, only the Owner of the Camera Phone can turn on Siren. Members in the trust circle cannot use the feature. We understand your need for allowing people in the trust circle to activate the Siren, yet we do have our concerns for that. Feelings of giving out access differs from one another. We’ll bring this advice to the management, and see if there’s an alternative.

Thanks again for the advice. Hope this helps!


I have the latest app version on all 3 devices, but for some reason Samsung S4 doesn’t have this option.


Hey @filipcork,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Could you please tell us more about the problem so that we can look into it for you? Do you mean that you don’t see a Siren button on your Viewer phone when you are watching live feed of the Camera Samsung S4? Or is it someone in your Trust Circle trying to use this feature on your Camera?

Keep us posted!


Yes, it was that the siren button was missing in the view of S4. I’ve rooted the phone and reinstalled everything since … and the button is there now.


Love it! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:!!###!###!!!##