Share Your Thoughts on Person Detection!

Hey Superheroes!

Have you tried Alfred’s brand new feature Person Detection? We hope you like it!

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or stories to share, please do so by replying to this post. We’d love to hear from you!


Technically speaking it’s not person detection or identification as that would suggest that it would recognise a specific individual but rather a human detection algorithm which gives me another idea for the name of your new feature. Hope it lands on the Android doorstep soon.


Looks like the iPhone 4, as well as the iPhone 4S, doesn’t work in ‘person’ mode?
While I’ve updated the Alfred App when I try to set this mode I get ‘Please update Alfred on your Camera phone…’?

Hi Alan,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center.

For the moment, Person Detection is exclusively available on iOS version 938 and up (Camera running iOS 11 and up).

Here are the known devices that do not support Person Detection.
  • iPhone 4s, 5, 5c
  • iPad 4th Gen
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 5th

Also, since it is an Alfred Premium feature, free users might not be able to switch to Person Detection mode. Upgrade now to take a try of how it works!

Please read more about Person Detection here:


Hi Pinky,

Thanks for the feedback! Do you think “human detection” would be more precise than “person detection”?

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@ricardo Sir, I don’t think it really makes any difference, it just fitted my acronym better, :thinking:


@pinky-free-user , me too buddy. I’m still waiting for that Android release.


Up until the last few beta updates, I was having major trouble with sun/clouds changing the lighting in the room causing tons of false detection’s. However since one of the updates over a month ago, it has stopped every single one of them. I even get alerts when someone walks in front of a blurred out window next to the door, which is something I want. Also it pre records all motion and lets me see the video prior to motion. It is absolutely perfect for me as it is. I will not need the person detection unless they alter the settings again. I am on “Medium” detection and 100% happy with it.


Announcement says

Are you tired of receiving notifications of light changes, clouds, and moving trees?

My camera is pointed toward a house entrance, which includes monitoring people movement and vehicles.

I would have been more excited about selecting an area for motion detection to avoid clouds and trees issue claimed in the announcement


@ahmadalanimail if you are a premium user on Android you could try the zoom function to concentrate on the specific area.

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Definitely Needed as an addition to Alfred features


What is the status on Person Detection for Android? The announcement only said it was expected “soon.” That was three months ago.


Needs to be offered as a FREE feature, not only in the best interest of the customer, but also the best interest for company pocket book, and server Load of unnecessary motion triggers taking videos.



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Okay, this would definitely get me to be a payed user BUT I only use Android! ANY updates on when this will be available for Android?


@janss67 Hi Jan if you wanted to try such a feature out there may or may not be available a similar app or not on a store where you may or may not download software type apps if you were to feel so inclined. I’m sorry I cannot be more specific incase I get accused of trolling for helping people out or suggesting alternatives where applicable… Or not maybe.

Hi I love your app and am premium user. But I have a problem you may be able to solve. I have two cameras, one a Samsung s5 mini running android 6, latest alfred version ie 4.2.2, opengl installed and no Intel processor and have changed to camera v2.0 and the new camera api. However my viewer settings (nokia 7.1, android 9, open gł code installed) will not allow the said phone to change to person only. This is the message "this camera does not support person only mode. Please try another camera! ".

Please advise what is wrong.

Many thanks.

I think I’ve worked it out. It looks like older phones like a Samsung s5 mini don’t support open gl es 3+. Have you a list of Android phones that are supported?


Uso o Alfred para acompanhar meus cães. Caso configure para detectar pessoas vai deixar de detectar os movimentos dos cães?

The person detection is available for Android on the Aflred Beta version. I do not need it though, as I have it aimed straight at my door. All I care about is if the door opens when I am away. I have other IP cameras catching all the outside and inside footage. Alfred is like my door bell, which I hope to never hear while away from home.

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