Share Your Thoughts on Motion Detection Schedule!


Thank you for providing the screenshots and the information!

We think that this might be a bug with this Android version. Our engineers are working on fixing the problem. Before the new update version rollout, please set the Motion Detection on/off manually.

Alternatively, you can also join our testing program on Google Play to see if the issue persists:

As a tester, you’ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Alfred, which may also include unreleased versions of the instant app. What’s more, you can be the first to experience the newest features and improvements we add to the upcoming version. However, please note that testing versions may be unstable. Let us know if you have any feedback or find out an issue in the beta version.

Hope it helps! Please stay tuned to the next update.

It would remind me to turn it on when leaving home and when arriving. Very useful! Now you have forced us to manage a schedule, can’t you have both options enabled?

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the feedback!

Due to the large demand for Motion Detection Reminder, we have decided to put it back in our next version. Please stay tuned to the updates!

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Hello Ricardo,

I am using the beta app however I am still not getting the motion detection to turn off using the schedule.

I would really like to have this feature and not rely on manually turning off the motion detection when I get home.

Any updates on isolating this issue and getting a new release?



Thanks for reaching out back!

We are sorry that the issue still happened. When you said the Motion Detection Schedule is not working, do you mean that the schedule is set successfully but it doesn’t turn off Motion Detection, or that the schedule cannot be set successfully?

More specifically, what do you see on the Camera setting page when you find out that Motion Detection Schedule is not working? Does the “Schedule” still show the setting you have saved?

Please keep us posted!

I like this feature a lot, an improvement that I would like would be a schedule for multiple times. An issue I have is that I would like it to detect motion at night 11pm - 6am and then 9am - 6pm. Also the ability to have different schedules for the weekend would be really welcome


Esta funcionando perfectamente
Lo que no entiendo mucho inglés y otra cosa lo que me piden que temgo que llenar é tratado pero no lo consigo.
Perdón porque fui grosera contigo es que tengo problema con mi ex y me amenaza por eso lo dejo siempre abierto cuidenme x la cámara.

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Lo sentimos, no ofrecemos asistencia en español ahora mismo.

Pero está bien hacer una pregunta aquí en español. Podrías usar Google Translate para ver nuestro mensaje.

También tenemos peguntas más frecuentes en español:


Thank you so much for the upgrade.
Nice clarity.
Now I’ll be able to see faces.


This seemed like a really good idea so i Paid… Unfortunately I need to set it more for the weekends which I can’t do. I’ll still have to turn them all on Friday afternoon and all off Monday morning. :confused:
More options would be good



Thanks for the feedback!

We will look into the possibility of improving the Motion Detection Schedule upon your suggestion. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


I Don’t Use It… Nice extra feature for those that do though.


I need more granular control of the motion detection scheduling. Typical Monday - Friday vs Weekends isn’t good enough. Minimum need to be able to set static time frames by day. Better if it could be dynamic and integrated with other services.


I think there’s just a slight of a hint into a gander of a suspicion that maybe it’s perhaps likely to have a better chance of a suspicious upgrade.:wink:


Weekends only as an option please!!

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I would also like the ability to enable/disable the camera by a schedule as well. It is one thing to simply disable the motion detector, but for privacy reasons I want to disable the camera when I am home.

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I use the schedule to give the two cameras a staggered rest so that they have a chance to charge up fully.

If possible, the ability to add at least a few on/off times for each day would be a handy feature…turning the camera off during times when motion detection would trigger alot of false alarms.

If the team REALLY wanted to bling-up that feature, the inclusion of multiple schedules that can change for individual days would be the cremé de la cremé! (The early morning chaos trying to get the kids outta the house, then dinner to bedtime fun…the camera does not to be on M-F; Saturday n Sunday may have a more relaxed routine, for example.)

thank you
J. Williamson

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Thanks for your reply. I will use that in future reference. I am always happy to receive emails and whatnot from Alfred customers


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I’m a paid costumer and motion detector doesn’t record like it should my husband and my self get up though the night and walk right past it every night and never records. Before I upgraded it worked fine