Share Your Thoughts on Motion Detection Schedule!


Hey Superheroes!

Have you tried Alfred’s brand new feature Motion Detection Schedule? We hope you like it!

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or stories to share, please do so by replying to this post. We’d love to hear from you!


I would like to still have the home and away option to turn on motion detection. Can’t always rely on a schedule.


REMEMBER everybody if your looking at something you shouldn’t be looking at ur gonna see stuff you don’t wanna see. But fuck it its always fun to spy😎


Hey Kenyon,

Thanks for letting us know what you think!

Could you please tell us a bit more why you would want Motion Detection Reminder back? In what kind of situation do you need Motion Detection Reminder rather than Motion Detection Schedule?

Thanks for the help!


I find it just humanly useful to be reminded. I periodically review all cameras and function settings, every other day or so. The nag feature is a good nag and could be turned off. I would do this with or without a auto schedule set.


Great idea but shouldn’t be for premium


Hey guys, this is nice. Yet our schedules are not normally that predictable. Could you please add Tasker integration? That way we could each set up our own rules.
Thanks for considering this.


Just paid for a year membership, so guessing I’m a premium user? … I’ve not got that option under motion detection in my settings?


Hi Ian,

We took a look at the logs and you should be able to use Motion Detection Schedule under your account.

Please try again and let us know if you need further assistance.


Hey Dragoș,

Thanks for the feedback!

We are going to look into this idea the first chance we get. In the meantime, we hope Alfred has been working well for you! Please stay tuned!


Hello Alfred,

I have set up the motion detection schedule several times on my camera’s… I still get “Event recorded” notifications. I am not sure what else to do.



Hi @gjccondo,

Chances are the connection is not stable at the time you set the Motion Detection to turn off. Could you please try it again with a different connection and see if the issue persists?

Also, could you please let us know a bit more about the problem? Does Motion Detection Schedule never work? Have you updated all your devices to the latest version? After you set up the Schedule, what do you see on the setting page?

Read more about Motion Detection Schedule here:


Thanks for the quick response.

I have two phone that i set to use the schedule. It has never worked and these both have been reset since the initial schedule setting.

I am attaching screenshots i hope abbeys your questions and gets us closer to a solution.



Btw all of these are full and scrollable screenshots. Here is the capture log of the bedroom camera capturing videos when the schedule should exclude the time of the captured videos.



Thank you for providing the screenshots and the information!

We think that this might be a bug with this Android version. Our engineers are working on fixing the problem. Before the new update version rollout, please set the Motion Detection on/off manually.

Alternatively, you can also join our testing program on Google Play to see if the issue persists:

As a tester, you’ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Alfred, which may also include unreleased versions of the instant app. What’s more, you can be the first to experience the newest features and improvements we add to the upcoming version. However, please note that testing versions may be unstable. Let us know if you have any feedback or find out an issue in the beta version.

Hope it helps! Please stay tuned to the next update.


It would remind me to turn it on when leaving home and when arriving. Very useful! Now you have forced us to manage a schedule, can’t you have both options enabled?


Hi Andres,

Thanks for the feedback!

Due to the large demand for Motion Detection Reminder, we have decided to put it back in our next version. Please stay tuned to the updates!


Hello Ricardo,

I am using the beta app however I am still not getting the motion detection to turn off using the schedule.

I would really like to have this feature and not rely on manually turning off the motion detection when I get home.

Any updates on isolating this issue and getting a new release?




Thanks for reaching out back!

We are sorry that the issue still happened. When you said the Motion Detection Schedule is not working, do you mean that the schedule is set successfully but it doesn’t turn off Motion Detection, or that the schedule cannot be set successfully?

More specifically, what do you see on the Camera setting page when you find out that Motion Detection Schedule is not working? Does the “Schedule” still show the setting you have saved?

Please keep us posted!


I like this feature a lot, an improvement that I would like would be a schedule for multiple times. An issue I have is that I would like it to detect motion at night 11pm - 6am and then 9am - 6pm. Also the ability to have different schedules for the weekend would be really welcome