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Clouds setting off motion detect even on low sensitivity

This is how FedEx delivers my packages. I have contacted them several times, including posting this video, but they fail to take action. At least I know to never use them for shipping and avoid ordering from companies that use them.


Hey @xidpatreed,

Thank you so much for sharing! This is TOTALLY unacceptable! People pay good money for their goods to be delivered safely, not to be tossed around like that!

We hope whatever you ordered is intact. We’ll keep you posted about the free Premium membership as well!


Good luck with that. We are the second largest cumulative logistics organization in the world. Wether you know it or not, FedEx is not just 1 company. It’s a series of branched and bought out successful areas in various stages of the logistics world. Long story short. We at some point touch every package. We deliver ups freight, and we just renewed our multiple year contract with the United united states postal service to bail them out as well. If we weren’t so deeply knitted in logistics amd you were more educated you probably would be Paul Revere right now delivering basic mail on horseback.
Your welcome.


Alfred got so sensitive after last update. Will have to move the jingly shells from the wall.b


Who needs zoom when people are so inquisitive about your Alfred camera device ?