Share Your Baby Video and Win a Lifetime of Alfred Premium Membership!


Who doesn’t love a cute baby video? We know we do!

Many Superheroes have told us they watch their babies with Alfred. However, we haven’t really got to see many cute baby videos yet! That’s why we are asking you to share one and giving you the opportunity to win a prize!

Just paste a link to your Moment. We’ll pick three of the best and award these Superheroes with a LIFETIME of Alfred Premium Membership! Sounds cool huh? Go through your Moments to see if there is anything great in there!

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Is this contest still ongoing? Looking for a video but here is a post from last month on instagram.

I LOVE Alfred!

Yesterday’s naptime wake-up progression, thanks to @alfredlabs :joy::joy::joy: #naptime #wahwahwednesday #mylove #myalfred #alfredcamera #alldayeveryday #wellthatescalatedquickly #crankypants #sweetboy #mama #motherhood #babiesofinstagram #levicole #39weeksold


Hey @mrsericacwilson,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

Oh DEFINITELY! We’d LOVE to see a little recording of this cutie pie! So glad to hear Alfred has been watching over the baby for you!


When I first started using Alfred and found out my son wasn’t sleeping as much as I though:

When he was very aware of the camera and tried to charm me back in:

The reason I decided to move his hamper after watching him mess with it from his crib on Alfred:

Thank you, Alfred!


Hey @mrsericacwilson,

Thank you SO much for sharing! You brightened our day here at Alfred HQ! Your boy is INCREDIBLY adorable and very very smart!

We’d LOVE to offer you a lifetime Alfred Premium membership! We’d actually love to have a little chat with you if/when you have the time as well!

One thing tho: have you tried a different Camera Phone? The black and white spots really aren’t supposed to be there, and we are wondering if they are caused by the device.

Let’s stay in touch! :heart:


Hi @mrsericacwilson

Your baby is soooooo cute!!!
I am wondering if you’d share with us a photo of how your camera device is set up, like this?

(Photo Source)


Thank you! That sounds amazing! Do I have to do anything else to verify the lifetime membership? I am still currently subscribed. I haven’t tried another phone yet. I currently use an old sprint HTC EVO LTE phone that I had lying in a drawer. I upgraded to Alfred premium in April to see if there was a difference in quality and dark spots but I figured perhaps it was a camera or lighting issue on my end. I would be happy to chat and help out any way I can! :smile:


Here is how I use Alfred. It’s actually an Oral B toothbrush holder that the phone sits in perfectly. I just position it on his dresser to face the crib and I am able to keep an eye on my little guy. I say, hey, whatever works! Lol.


Hey @mrsericacwilson,

Whoaa thank you SO much for sharing! Once again, your little guy is ADORABLE and we really love your setup!!! Would you mind if we share this photo with the community so everyone can check out this cutie as well as finding inspiration in your setup?


Thank you! Yes, we are not opposed to sharing.