Set up Alfred like the pros : Essential tips for newbie users

You have installed Alfred on your device, and you are thrilled with it. But wait, do you know you can make Alfred perform much better by the following settings? Take a look at how to improve Alfred’s performance!

Keep the Camera plugged in
Devices running on battery often goes to low battery mode and thus reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, we strongly suggest you
  1. Charge the Cameras with a stable power source.
  2. Use the chargers from the original manufacturer.
  3. Change the battery if needed.

Afraid that the battery may swell due to overcharging? Don’t worry, you can find some tips here to keep your Camera cool !

Do not run Alfred in the background

We found that Alfred may be terminated by the system or other apps when it is running in the background.

To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you NOT press the home button and enable Alfred power-saving mode to keep the screen in black.

Find the best position for Camera

:iphone: Don’t lay the Camera flat

Motion Detection cannot work properly when the Camera phone is laid flat. Please keep it in portrait or landscape mode. You might also find some inspirations here to mount the Camera.

:sun_behind_large_cloud: Avoid direct light source and backlight

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. As a result, light/shadow changes from sun or backlight from windows or doors could indeed trigger false alarms.

:wind_chime: Avoid irrelevant movements

To ensure that Alfred only captures the important moment, please do not face the Camera at:

  1. Moving trees, clouds, flags, etc.
  2. Screen window or glass with watermarks. Alfred might focus on the wrong objects.

:arrow_up: Elevate the Camera (Person Only mode)

For Premium users, you can get more accurate person Motion Events by mounting the Camera 1 to 2 meters above the ground or floor. The best monitoring area is 0.5 to 12 meters from the Camera position when the sensitivity is set to high.

Signal, Signal, Signal

Alfred works as long as it is connected to the network (wifi, mobile data, etc). However, the connection isn’t as steady as you might think. For example, some service providers limit the connection during peak hours.

To help Alfred get the most out of your network, you can

  1. Walk around with WiFi Analyzer app and set Alfred up where the signal is stronger.

  2. Only run necessary programs like Google Play Service to prevent other apps from consuming bandwidth.

  3. Move the location of your router or install a WiFi extender if you have trouble getting signal in some corners.

  4. (If you are tech-savvy) Assign bandwidth priority for Alfred.

Enable Autostart service (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, ASUS)

Your Camera may be terminated by the system or you can’t receive notifications without additional settings. Please

  1. Lock Alfred in the background.
  2. Allow Alfred to run when the screen is off:
  • ASUS (picture)
    System Settings > Battery > Startup Manager and allow auto-start

  • Huawei (picture)
    System Settings > Power-Saving > Protected Apps and allow Alfred to run when the screen is off

  • OPPO (picture)
    System Settings > Security > Privacy Permission > Startup Manager and allow Alfred to start up

  • Xiaomi (picture)
    System Settings > Security > Permissions > Autostart and enable Alfred

Got everything done? Enjoy peace of mind with Alfred now!

Have more stories and hacks of using Alfred Camera? Share your idea with all the other users here. Peace!