Selectable Motion detection boxes



Hey all- This software is great, I do appreciate its functionality. However, I would really enjoy a feature upgrade that allows you to select areas of the content to be ignored. For example, my driveway camera: I would like to be able to only monitor the driveway itself for motion, and ignore the cars passing by the house. As it is now, if the camera is facing the space I want, it constantly records as cars go by every second. But, if I position the camera in a way that it only gets the driveway, I’m missing the majority of what I want in the recorded space.


A motion detection zone or mask is already on Alfred’s agenda as a possible update maybe in the future. No time line at present.


Just came here to ask for the same thing. I would also like to suggest a possible way for the user to define which zones/areas should be watched:
Open the camera view from a mobile device, press a button for setting zones/areas, draw with your finger on the image the camera outputs to define a mask of the area that should be watched for motion detection.


My main reason for needing this is that I rent out the two houses across the street. I keep a camera trained on them, and my driveway… BUT Alfred fires every time car goes down the street.

no bueno.

I used evoCam for years and this was the best feature. It also created a movie of all the detections. I set a small area at the end of my driveway and have a 30 second video that is three years of the view from my office window, with a car at the end of my driveway frantically changing into other cars. It’s great.