Secure Deletetion



I had an unusual problem with Videos being deleted from “Moments”
My wife was being a little strange when I suggested that someone had been creeping around our house.
I set up the cameras and waited to see who it was.
But because SHE was the one being bad she was able to delete the recordings.
She had access to all 4 of the old phones as they were hers and mine.

I would like to suggest that no one be able to delete recordings without entering another password.
Just being able to pick up a camera and delete things is pretty shaky security.

I know, I know, people have to be able to UNLOCK the phone but what if it’s your Spouse?
She was able to keep me running in circles for weeks this way.
I ended up having to get some NonNetworked cameras to finally catch her.

Please look into adding this feature


Don’t let her use the same account. Give her access in the Trust Circle and she can only access the videos. Not being have full access to those options, which you do not want her too have, like deleting, etc. If needed, make a new account for the cameras and then use the Trust Circle.

If you have premium, then let @ricardo know and have the premium changed to the new account. Then do this. Hope that helps.


Reload account on new device, pics may re populate if still within 7 days.