Screenshot button on Alfred App


Hi Guys,

My first post and Wish Request.

Having been a user of Alfred, from the old logo to the new, I use an old smartphone, to keep an eye on my elderly parents, when I am at work and one whom is fighting cancer.

With your recently updated App (I using an Android mobile - Samsung G S8), are you able to add a “Screenshot”, button, which stamps on the Date & Time, too?

Yes, I know I can take SS’s with the Power and Volume buttons, or hand swipe (hand swipe doesn’t always work for me), but, a Screenshot (SS), button would be so much easier. Another App I used to use, had this SS button, which was fab.

I take SS’s, to then share via a WhatsApp group, with my two sisters, to let them know all is okay with our parents and when a carer has called in.

Thanks for reading.


Hey Peter,

Thanks so much for sharing your story and making a wish here. We will definitely deliver your message to our team and look into the possibility of adding this feature. Please continue to support Alfred nad stay tuned!