Schedule Time Crashes app

When trying to setup “Schedule Time” the app crashes. My account has lifetime ad free and premium. I have tried closing all apps and hard reboot of my viewer iPhone 6Plus.
Cheers, GS.

Device: iPhone 6 Plus
App: Version 2.9.2 948
iOS: 12.1.02


We’re sorry for what you have experienced. Please go to our App Store page and update Alfred to the latest version and see if the issue persists.

Let us know if it helps!


Thanks for your stock reply.

I already have ver 2.0.2 Build 948 installed. I believe that is the latest issue?


Hi Guy,

Would you be able to record a video of the screen when the app crashes so that we can look into the issue more carefully?

Here is how to record the screen on your iPhone:

Thanks for the help! Keep us posted.

Here is a short screen recording.
Unfortunately your forum board doesn’t allow video uploads (screenshot attached) but here is the iCloud sharing link:

Cheers, Guy

Hey Guy,

Thanks for uploading the video for us! I have reported it to our engineering time. They are looking into it right now.

Could you please try to uninstall Alfred and reinstall to see if the issue persists on your iPhone? It’s the quickest way to solve all the issues. Let us know if that helps!

Also, we will keep you posted if our engineers find out anything!


I have de and reinstalled the app with no change with the crashing problem. :cry:

Cheers, GS.

Hey Guy,

Thank you for trying that for us. If reinstalling Alfred on your Viewer doesn’t help, it’s more likely that the issue is associated with the Camera phone.

Would you please clear the data on your Camera to see if that helps?

I could agree with you but the same problem is occuring on three separate cameras!!??
Cheers Guy