Scare alarm


Hey Alfred! At first, I really love your app! But currently i’m missing something. If a burglar enters my house the motion detector alarms me and records a video. At that that moment I am able to see someone entering my home and I can show that to the police later on. It would be great to toggle on an alarm sound on all acting cameras to hopefully “scare off” the intruder and notice the neighbours so hopefully my items will remain inside. This alarm should be able to trigger on the motion sensor eighter, but you have to be able to turn it off so the alarm doesnt ring everytime when the mailman comes near my front door :slight_smile:


Hi @paultenoever,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

The possibility of setting an alarm/siren is something we might look into in the future. In the meantime, have you tried Alfred’s Two-Way Talk? This feature might come in handy for the mailman and intruder alike!

Hope this helps!


This would be excellent. I have my Alfred hooked up to a bluetooth speaker. If it could sound an alarm/siren by pressing a button on the screen, that would scare away intruders.

Build this please!


Hi @airraidaaron,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We have tested Siren in Alfred recently. You may expect the feature in near future. Please stay tuned!


@luke.yeh. Is it going to be motion activated or manually activated or both or either… Am very excited for this addition to the app. Hope it’s still part of the Free version.


Hi @pinkylee020,

Thank you for reaching out!

It tends to be manually activated and is available in free version. Please stay tuned!


There was siren in Alfred when I used it 6 months ago. Why is this missing now?



Thanks for visiting Alfred Center!

Please follow the instructions in this post to activate Siren on your Android phone:

Hope it helps!