Saving video clips to Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive

I have got some clips I want to download to either my Google Drive account of my Microsoft OneDrive account. When I click share link to one of these accounts it saves it as a .txt file so I can’t see a video. Is there any way it can be saved to one of my storage accounts as an MP4/video file so I have a permanent record of it?




Amazing idea! Saving them to Google would be awesome!


Hey @Steven_Mills and @thom.thomas,

Wow, sorry for the late reply! This must have got pushed down by other posts.

We are looking into alternative storage options. For the moment however, you can create a permanent private link, open it in Chrome, long press the screen and you’ll see the option to save the clip.

Hope this helps!


My video clips don’t respond to the “long press” to save option for me!! I may need a tutorial!!


Hey @danaangel28119,

You have to do it on the mobile device! If you want to do it on your PC, you will need an extension to Chrome/Firefox.

We are actually working on a tutorial with screenshots! Please keep those links safe and stay tuned!


+1 for the request to save a video clip or picture file on a computer or mobile device. thank you!

Saving to Google Drive (or Google Photos?) and/or OneDrive is a big bonus, too.


Hey @butcherbird,

You can actually save Events to your computer/device now! Please check this out:


Thank you. I’ll try those extensions in both browsers. I was using a different extension (Video Downloader) in Firefox – it did not detect the Alfred video.


Open what in Chrome please? the Alfred App?


Hi @caz.t55,

Please open this page in Chrome or Firefox:

Hope this helps!


what about uploading to you tube like gotcha ap does for when passcode is entered wrong too many times . THAT would be a life saver


There are multiple file converting apps on playstore to change the txt file to .mp4 etc… once u convert upload to dropbox, onedrive, google drive etc,… they all work and most have built in media players so they never have to take up space on your devices or hard drives etc…

There are apps that will autosync your device to those clouds. My favs are dropsync, drivesync, onsesync, also known as autosync in there prospective premium editions which by the way are worth the purchase


Is it possible to automate this with IFTTT or Tasker to Google Drive? I just did the process you were describing on my phone and it worked as stated. It would be more convenient and useful to build being able to “save to (location)” this into your mobile app. Thanks.


Hi @jro.alan,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are in the process of developing an easier way to download recordings. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

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Thanks for your support!

Could you let us know more about what feature you want us to add and how important it is for you? If you are willing to provide more of your thoughts, we will certainly share them with the engineering team. Please stay tuned to future updates.

Looking forward to hearing from you!