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I also have the same kind of problems with viewing my camera device & disabling it from my viewer device. Sometimes when I try to switch to live view, it gets hung up or won’t allow me to. Its as if someone else is already viewing it from another device, therefore not allowing me to connect from my device. No one should be viewing any of my cameras but me. No one bit me should be synced to my content or my personal information.
Sometimes when I try to disable a camera device from my viewer device remotely, it won’t let me. As if someone else is connected to it.


@anngra82 this sounds more problematic of a weak signal.


Hi Ann,

It seems that either your Camera or your Viewer is not properly connected to the Internet. That’s why the setting changes can’t be applied.

Please make sure both devices are connected and try again.


I use to have the exact same problem and it was a very simple fix. It turned out only to be the charger itself, (not enough wattage) Try using a 12 Watt or higher charger. Once I started using a higher wattage charger my problem was solved. Remember, you must leave your camera phone plugged into the charger while in use (at all times) if you want to keep your battery at 100%.
I have done the above and left my android phone connected to Alfred as a camera for days at a time and the battery always stays at 100%. Please remember a cheap charging cable will also cause you problems. I recommend a heavy data/charging cable if you are charging via a USB adapter or port.
I hope this helped.


Yes you are correct in that it is definately the USB data cable(s). The Dollar Store sells them for a dollar. They are not worth the money. It’s best to buy a high quality cable, preferably a regular wall charger cable that is just for charging, & NOT for data transfer. USB cords for data that need a wall outlet adapter to plug into can also have problems with the wall adaper itself & not necessarily the cord. They can also get hot & be defective.



@sc077.moyer mine works just fine for no dimes at all. U guess it’s a matter of perspective.


Wonderful app. Very useful. Also it would be nice if an upgrade can include multi screen live display. Where we can see the live streaming from all cameras on one screen only. Try it.


Hi Aura,

Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing ip cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

The great news is Alfred’s iOS and Android versions are 100% compatible. Even if you find devices running different operating systems, you can connect them together!

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

Hope this helps!