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If no can login I am look for huge hug and


K thank you I will do that


I cannot get the ‘enable/disable’ camera toggle button to toggle off on the iPhone X. It stays stationary. All of the other toggle buttons work fine, but the remote off feature from my viewer phone doesn’t work. The toggle button stays locked in the ‘on’ position.


I leave my camera(phone) plugged in 24/7 that way I never have to worry about battery going dead. Just a suggestion, I know some would probably want to be more efficient with their energy consumption but it really is not that significant on my electric bill.


Hi @alpharettatranscript,

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For the moment, Remote Switch/Remotely disable camera isn’t available on Alfred’s iOS versions yet. Our engineers are doing their best. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

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Es genial!! Si le agregaran el zoom ,no habría otra que los iguale!!! Esta todo bien echo!!!


Como puedo ver dos. Cámaras en mi visor?


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With Alfred’s WebViewer, you can monitor multiple Cameras at the same time. Please find out how here:

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I do use in 3 Samsung phones and no problem at all.


The camera works fine but I can’t get the viewer to work what do I do


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Could you tell us a bit more about your problem so we can look into it for you? Do you see any error code on the screen? Screenshot or videos can be really helpful.

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So far so good. The night vision can be just a little bit better but hey it’s free it works who could ask for anything more. Is there any way of maybe resetting maybe the night vision so that way it comes in better? Other than that thank you so much 4 security cam this just come in handy especially now for the past week now that me and my ex officially broke up now he can’t mess with me without getting caught thank you so much that’s the only thing of a problem with is it night vision is when it’s night time it’s kind of hard to see no matter what I do maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe I’m not doing something right please let me know if it can be fixed if not I’m good thank you so much


Also check the quality of the charging cable, there are APPs like Ampere that will give you a good idea of the charging state of your device.



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Alfred’s Low-Light Filter still needs a little light to work. Please find some tips for optimizing its performance here:

If you need further assistance, you can always send us a screenshot or a link to an Event so we can give you more specific advice.

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The low light filter is amazing. Really works. And amazingly well.


I have mines physically plugged in to charger my friend hope this helps


Thank you so much it does work


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Enabled slider doesn’t seem to work in current version? (1.12.1). Using iPhones as camera and IPhone / IPad viewer.



Thank you for reporting the issue!

For the moment, Remote Switch isn’t available on Alfred’s iOS versions yet. Our engineers are doing their best. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

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