Save Data & Energy with Alfred's Remote Switch!

We used to say Alfred is an app that is limited by the old phones it runs on. While that will always be true, we are constantly listening to Superhero feedback and trying to challenge the limits!

This time we took on the concept of switching the Camera device on/off from the Viewer and developed a Remote Switch!

Remote Switch is a great data/energy-saving mechanism that’s perfect for people who want to periodically check on their pets/kids/house. However, please note that if your Camera Phone has been disabled by the switch, Motion Detection won’t work.

Here is how it works:

Tap on the wheel on each Camera thumbnail:

Slide the switch from “Enabled” to “Disabled:”

You will see this icon as well as “This Camera has been disabled” from your Viewer:

Enable the Camera anytime you want by tapping on the thumbnail:

For Superheroes in the Trust Circle, please remember only the owner of the Camera can disable/enable the Camera.

Again, we would like to remind you NOT to press the power key or home key now that Alfred offers yet another great energy-saving option!

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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The remote switch doesn’t work as advertised. I disabled the camera from my phone but I can still view it from my computer and so can people in my friends circle. And since it was still on after I disabled it, all my prepaid data was used up. I will cancel this upgrade before my monthly premium expires.


Hi @joedrives11,

Thank you for your feedback!

I am sorry to hear Remote Switch doesn’t seem to be working for you. Do you see this icon at all after you have disabled your Camera?

Also, would you please update Alfred on your Camera devices? They are both still running quite an old version, which is never optimal.

Please keep me posted!


The Remote Switch doesn’t work. You can switch it to Disable but it’s still view-able from any other device…running down all your data.


Hi @joedrives11,

Please update Alfred on all your devices (some of your Cameras are still running a rather old version) and let me know if you see the icon in the screenshot I posted last time. Nobody is supposed to view the Camera when it is turned off. Something must have gone wrong here, and I’d like to help you figure it out!


Thank You for implementing this great feature!
I since the switch is in I suggest also following extra features :

  1. thermal shutdown with either notification or not. i envision it as option allowing choosing temperature at wchich device turns into “disabled” mode. this option can be ofcourse more complex - allowing setting of critical temperature at which device tries to use more tricks to survive, like enabling airplane mode.
    also notification options can be more complex - f.e. extreme temperature can be considered either normal quirk of old phone or a signal that something is wrong, like fire breaking out.

2)users of devices overheating by their design or location might be also happy of wakeup timer waking up device in user defined periods for user defined time just to detect motion.


Hey @chaoscrawler,

Thank you so much for joining us at Alfred Center and coming up with awesome ideas!

Sooo here’s the thing: Google did equip Android 5 and up with the capacity of detecting battery temperature. However, the safety mechanism lies more with each smartphone manufacturer than app developers, like Alfred. What you have described might be something that Smart Home integration can achieve in the future, but for now we aren’t quite there yet!

You can however, install an app that restarts your device at specific times and enable Alfred’s Launch at Reboot:

Do you think this might help?


My phone I’m using for my camera… the battery runs down way to fast.


Thanks am still lost on some


Video cameras and wifi together can draw a lot of electricity from a battery. Sometimes faster than a charger can recharge. Especially older phones with older batteries (low charge cycle left). It may be worth it to replace the old battery. Check to see if your phone has a “turbo” charging feature. That means it can use a regular charger (either wall outlet or USB) or a faster “turbo” charging feature (different adaptor). Not all phones have this but it can make it charge much faster. Also, using a 2.1v rather than a 1v USB adapter can help. Be sure to Check your phones capabilities from the manufacturer in a manual or on the Internet or forums. Wrong chargers or voltage adaptors can cause overheating. (Please be sure to recycle or dispose of batteries properly!)


Why can’t I view more than 3 cameras after updating alfred on my viewer phone?


Hi @rivergrn88,

Thank you for reaching out!

Which Camera can’t you see? Do you have access to it? Could you check if it is powered down, logged out, or disconnected?

Keep me posted!


I can see when motion takes video,but not live view


Hi @rivergrn88,

Thank you for reaching out!

Which Camera do you have this issue with? What do you see on the screen? Do you get an error code at all?


Can we record the footage for later viewing more than 15 sec?? As i want to use it as a cctv camera where we can access the footage later on.


Hi @obaid2014ahmad,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred only records videos when movement is detected. The recording can be between 5 to 30 seconds long. You can find the recordings in your Event Book:

The Events are automatically deleted after 7 days. If there is anything you want to keep, please follow the instructions here:

Hope this helps!


oi eu gostei muito eu vou recomendar aos meus amigos


Can you use your computer as another viewer?


Hi @dnahebert,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Yes you can! You can have as many Viewer/Camera devices as you want, so it’s 100% OK if you have a Viewer Phone as well as the WebViewer.

However, please note that for the moment, concurrent viewing isn’t available yet. To watch live feed on the WebViewer, you’d have to dismiss Alfred on your Viewer Phone first.

Hope this helps!


when data is on automatically online take it