Reviewing videos on a PC

I have recently set up my HTC mobile as the main viewing phone, and installed the App on that phone. My ‘camera’ phone is an second smartphone. How can I (1) download and view/edit videos on to my PC? and (2) can I use the PC as a recording camera, if so how do I set that up in connection with my HTC mobile App? I am a little unclear how you can link/use PCs with the App. I have logged in to Alfred from my PC now but I cannot see any previously recorded activities.

Hi @caz.t55,

Thank you for reaching out!

Please read more about downloading your videos here:

You can monitor as well as watching Motion Events with Alfred’s WebViewer, but for the moment you can’t use computer webcams as Alfred Cameras just yet!

You can find previously-recorded activities (Motion Events) in your Event Book on Alfred’s WebViewer as well! Please click on the “little person” on the bottom right corner of each Camera thumbnail.

Hope this helps!