Request: Motion Detector Activation


First off, excellent app. Bought up to premium within a few days and have no regrets. When my phone logs off of my home WiFi, the notification to activate motion detection is convenient. I would like to see the following user selectable options: Activate/deactivate without requiring confirmation (opt out).
Activate/deactivate based on viewer leaving or entering user defined GPS location.
This in my opinion would make an already phenomenal system more hands-off in day to day usage. Many thanks again for creating this product.


OK where do I go to activate my motion detector


Hi @davis.charlina50,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please check out the following post to find out how to turn on Motion Detection as well as notifications:

Let me know if it helps!


Hi @mixalotstudio,

Thank you so much for the support!

Alfred’s Motion Detection Reminder doesn’t detect location. Instead, you get the notification to enable/disable Motion Detection when your Viewer leaves/joins a network.

What you have described is something we are looking into, so please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!