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Remote restart control


@thebrodah that is a good idea and one that has been mentioned a few times before, the only issue is that you are most likely going to utilize this function when the app isn’t functioning so would leave the restart element useless. There are already ways and means to operate your device remotely, please do not add to Alfred’s ever increasing weight.


What a RUDE Reply lee !!!


@sssimplesssolution88 How is that rude ? I’m sorry if you find any offence in my basic honest and factual reply. If you would like to explain to me the offending remark then I shall redact it.
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Hi Pink…
The problem is I’m using old Samsung phones like cameras. I’m using (not all at the same time) 3 Samsung’s Galaxy Y (2.2 3), 1 Samsung Galaxy Ace (2.2 3), 1 Samsung Prime Duos(5.0), 1 Moto G1(4.4), 1 Moto G2(6.0) and 1 TVbox(7.0) with a webcam. The Samsung’s Y and Ace had memory for a little more than the system, some basic apps and Alfred. It’s impossible install some app for remote control and run with Alfred.
The basic concept of Alfred is use old phones. I’m using. But I anderstud if Alfred down’s, can’t be restarted. My idea is with Alfred came some kind of extension. This extension will be installed separated of Alfred. This way I believe can works a remote restart. Im trying to say not a REMOTE CONTROL, but only a REMOTE RESTART of Alfred.
I’m not sure if now my idea is more clear.


@thebrodah Size is an issue like you said as Alfred is intended for older less powerful devices then mb’s are important,. I have always campaigned for a Alfred lite version with out all the bells and whistles just live view and motion detection, alas for your case there is a Alfred camera only version which I’m sure @ricardo will give you the link for to save space on your older camera devices. I will do a little more research in to your reboot issue in the meantime.


Thx for your attention Lee and Ricardo…
I’ll waiting the link.


Hey, please try the apk link here to update Alfred on your device: (Camera only)

Let us know if you need further assistance!


If you dont understand i cant help that. Its a waste of my time to explain it. Redact ?


@brannonlori if you point out the offending remark then I will edit it.