Recording Length

Wondering why during a recent theft from my yard, that the camera only recorded for 5 seconds… even though the thief was still there in frame & moving?

Also, it seems to get a lot of recordings that are zero length, and a bunch that are 120sec… usually just some leaves blowing in the trees… those I understand, as I have sensitivity on high… the zero length videos, and the 5 second ones when there is still in frame motion kinda upset me… I am a premium member.



Of course you are upset. What do you think your best course of action would be ?

Asking on here for a possible solution to the issue!

Im a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” so, in the end, it dosent bother me that much that my security system made up of old cell phones and a reasonably priced app dosent compare to a real one… but a video recording motion shouldnt stop while there is still motion…