Rear viewer?

Hi :slight_smile:

New to AlfredCamera and to this forum, as I was looking for a smartphone app which is able to transform an old phone into a remote wireless rearview camera.

Just discovering that AlfredCamera does very well the job, but with the lack of an optional mirror view, in order to emulate the rear view car mirror. Or I don’t have seen the function?


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Um I think you can overcome this somehow just can’t remember if it’s Alfred settings or the phone. Just try web searching a bit.

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Please go to your Camera, enter Camera Settings and you should find a “Mirror” switch.

No, sorry, I have not such a mirror switch, which would be fine :wink:
I can only switch between the front and rear lenses…

Hey Sylvain,

I forgot to mention that you need to switch to Camera v2.0 first!

What is “Camera v2.0” ? Do you mean that I need the premium version of Alfred Camera, in order to have this (existing) feature?

No, it’s a free feature. Please go to your Camera, enter Camera Settings and tap on “Try Camera v2.0”.


Ah, OK, thank you ! :slight_smile:
Just well founded the option in settings, but it has no effect here with my configuration, at this time.

Tried again a month later, and the “mirror view” does not work more, at least for me.

Another thing: this (not working) option is dimmed in the serttings, if the choosed camera is the rear camera.


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