Rainmeter or similar setup?



I’d like to setup a Rainmeter frame with the Alfred webplayer displaying only the video feed. I’d like to know from the development team’s perspective whether or not that’s possible (based on what Alfred makes accessible) and whether that’d be acceptable in terms of your usage agreement. While I’d appreciate any help on the actual execution, I’m researching how to write the script on my own and will share in #story if I manage to make any progress (so far I’ve just found this and this).

Alternatively, is there any advice on maybe a way to configure a frameless browser instance instead? Or, a method to force zoom to pan in on only the video feed for webplayer1? (Webplayer2 doesn’t work for me for some reason, even though I have the flag enabled as instructed).


Hi Harrison,

Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

Before we deliver this message to our engineering team, could you please tell us a bit more about the problem you’ve been experiencing on the WebViewer?

Also, would you like to let us know why you want to set up a Rainmeter frame with Alfred? Do you plan to watch your Camera’s live feed continuously?


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for replying!

Primarily, it’s due to the inability to resize the webplayer video frame to take up less of a footprint on screen, e.g.:031219
The browser itself contributes to that issue, and there’s no convenient way to snap-navigate while computer is in use to avoid covering the browser or having it take up a quarter of the screen. Rainmeter acts as an overlay, can be set to “stay on top” with optional transparency / mouse-over behavior, and lots of flexibility in customization.

I would primarily be using it as a pet monitor while I’m at work. So yes, for whatever duration at a time, I would be glancing over at the feed while preferably retaining full use of my screen.


Hey Harrison,

Thanks for letting us know what you think.

For the moment, it is not possible to adopt the method you mentioned yet. However, we have delivered your wish and how you would like to use the feature to our engineering team. They will certainly look into the possibility.

In the meantime, if you find any other user interface or usability problem on our WebViewer, feel free to let us know at any time!


I do have an issue accessing webapp2, should I start a separate thread for that?


Hey Harrison,

You can start a new thread or report the issue here directly!

What seems to be the problem? Could you go through this checklist to see if the problem can be eliminated?


Thanks, I think it’s already all squared away (here’s the thread for reference).