Raindrops & Police


Hey, I got RainX to apply to my window cos I don’t like raindrops: they obscure the image a bit and they can trigger motion detectors. Sadly it was raining when I applied it, maybe took too much off. Anyone got experience of this?
Re: Police, I’ve thought about this issue a fair bit, when to call the police etc. This seems to be something that would set Alfred apart from the PIR dialler setups. Don’t get me wrong, PIR diallers are GREAT, however if you come from the UK as I do, you’ll know the police are super-stretched (doing their best though) and just can’t keep coming out when you say you’re getting a ‘blind’ detection in ‘Zone 3’. But if you say ‘THERE IS A BURGLAR IN MY LOUNGE, I CAN SEE HIM’, I’d guess they’re more likely to come out. Anyone know what the Police’s attitude is to this kind of thing?
Funny aside: met a guy in a hardware store who just blew 3 grand on a DVR recorder with 4 cameras. Always amuses me. Why have a system that just records who was there, hoping the police will try to pick out the (probably hooded) wonder after the event? He’ll probably walk off with the DVR anyway…


@slimfandango99. Ref your last point about the DVR getting lifted,. That’s why I retain Alfred in a couple of strategic places even though I also have a couple of DVRs,. My swaan system and a PC server that has a security software suite installed that record’s my WiFi IP cameras, to utilize Alfred’s secure cloud storage. Think I might put one covering my DVRs.
Ref. The police just tell them you have evidence of someone committing a traffic offensive for a quick response.