QUICK TUTORIAL..How to download/save your Alfred videos

Ok, so you’ve got an Alfred video from some detected motion, go to that video, hit the share button >Gmail>type in the gmail address you wish to send to > send, open your Gmail app, see the email with the link, select the link, that takes you to the video, you can play the video, you can also long press on the video player window and “save” should pop up, hit save, the video will then download to your device.
Recap, In Alfred,
select video > Share > Gmail > type email address > Open Gmail app > hit the link > when link opens long press on video > save, download starts.



Is there a more direct method for downloading videos in the works?

Hi @planstech,

Thanks for reaching out!

We are looking into alternative saving mechanisms. I do hope a good one will be developed soon!

In the meantime, here is how you can save your Events:

Hope this helps!

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You can try the following Chrome extension:

ExtensionVideo Downloader professional by videodownloader.io

“Just make sure to refresh the page where the video is embeded until the arroe gests green”