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How do I easily turn motion notification on and off of each :camera: and is there a way to watch/ view more than one at same time? It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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If you on the New android version there’s a bell icon top right that can turn off all notifications. @ladyknightwriter44. Use the search function in this forum to search multiple viewing.


Hi @ladyknightwriter44,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please check out the link below to see how to set up the notification:

For the moment, Alfred does not offer concurrent viewing yet. If you have more than one Viewer, use Alfred’s WebViewer, or have someone in your Trust Circle, please choose the Access Priority setting that works best for you:

Hope this helps!