Question to developers and experienced users

Hello, i have some
Questions to software developers.

  1. is it possible to add a selection function when photos or videos are required
    Sometimes in order not to drive large volumes of traffic, I want only photos.

  2. I went through registration and indicated a non-Google mailbox and purchased an advanced tariff, but later I discovered that there are more functions on my Google account, including the ability to connect a webcam and view through a browser, is it possible to transfer my purchase made to my Google account?

  3. the question is about turning on the filter on the phone’s camera for poorly lit places, I use iPhone 7 as a camera, because practically nothing is visible at night, I decided to install an infrared spotlight, but unfortunately I still don’t see anything in the program, with the filter turned on and without.
    Now I’m thinking whether the program can turn off the infrared cutoff filter or not.

  4. and regarding the storage of records in the cloud. The life of each video is 30 days
    Is there any way to extend the storage of an important video?

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