Purchase Alfred Premium without mobile app store? (For multiple types of phones)


I have my Alfred Premium tied to my iCloud/iTunes account, which is not the same as my gmail account. So far I’ve only ever used Alfred from iPhones.

One of my old iPhones fell and broke, and I recently acquired an Android phone.

Is there a way to use both iPhones and Androids for the same Alfred account? The purchase seems to be tied to the specific app store, while the account/storage is tied to a Gmail account.

I’d rather not pay the same subscription twice. How can I pay one subscription while still supporting multiple types of phones and accounts?


What @mail address do you use to sign in to Alfred ? It has to be a @gmail address right ?


Hi Noah,

The membership is associated with your account, and there is no limit to the number of devices you can add to your account! Just download Alfred on all the devices (Android, iOS, and WebViewer), log in with the same Gmail, and you can get all Premium features on each of them!

By the way, the account you use to purchase Alfred Premium (e.g. your App Store or Google Play account) doesn’t have to be the same one as your Alfred account.

Hope this addresses your concern. Let us know if you have more questions.