Problems with Night vision



I’m having a problem with the night vision I can not see anything when it gets dark it is just the black spot with bunch of white dots that is all I can see when my night vision symbol is on or sometimes I try to turn it off to see if there is going to be any changes but nothing changes at all is there any way we can fix this problem would really appreciate it thank you very much


Hi @blyandinka69,

Thanks for reaching out!

The thing is Alfred’s Night Vision still needs a little light to work. If there is no light or very little light, chances are you won’t be able to see a lot.

You can read more about how to optimize the feature here:

You can also always send us a couple of links to the Events so we can see if we can offer more specific advice!


for some reason it wouldnt let me turn this mode on… i have it on my phone but CANT turn this feature on its like its not letting me…(( culd u plz help me out to find a way to turn it on on all of my devices ?? thank u a lot…<3


Hey @blyandinka69,

Thanks for the reply!

I took a quick look. Could you please first update Alfred on all your devices? Your Cameras especially are running versions from a while back. One of those had a Low-Light Filter bug.

Give that a go and let me know if it works!