Problems getting motion detection notifications



Hi, im new with Alfred and Im not getting motion detection notifications (I turned it ON) when Alfred is not open on my Viewer phone. I have to open Alfred and select a camera phone, start viewing it, and then I get a notification (thing that is redundant because im actually seeing the movement)

Is this a premium feature or how to make Alfred send me movement notifications when the app is running on background, and not needing to open it to get notifications?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Hi @juancruzmartinez.lp,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

From what I can see in the database, for the moment Motion Detection doesn’t seem to be turned on for the moment. Could you follow the instructions here to make sure they have been enabled?

Moreover, please check this link I found to fix notification-related issues for your particular device:

Merry Christmas and let me know if these help!


Hi, do you need me to have my notifications on all day in order to check my notification issue?
Ive checked my notification settings on my phone and they are all right. Only Alfred app isnt working as expected and keep not showing motion detection notifications until I open the viewer phone alfred app and go to the calendar notification window.
I was planning to buy this app because Im going on vacations next month, but Im not buying until I make sure alfred will make notifications work for me.
Any other advice to help me fix this problem?


A thing Ive noticed is that im getting instant notifications if I unplug a phone charger or phone has low battery… but again, im not getting instant motion detection notification, and that is stoping me from buying. The app is useless this way. any help?


Hi @juancruzmartinez.lp,

Thank you for the reply.

We took a look at the logs, and it seems like the last time your Cameras generated any Motion Event was around the time you wrote to us. Our system did send you a push notification at that time, and your Viewer Phone acknowledged that it received the notification.

Do you have Motion Events between the time you first wrote to us and now?

Let us know more! Theoretically, if you get battery push notifications, you should receive Motion Detection notifications as well.