Pro without monthly fee

I would upgrade to PRO, but for a longtime use like i need, its really expensive.
I would like to pay one time and then its ok.
Like many other apps…


Hi @dpensa83,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center and reaching out!

For the moment, Alfred Premium is a monthly subscription service. It takes a lot of resources to maintain the service, which is why it is a subscription.

We will add more features to the package later, so please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

You all are doing a good job. Keep up the good work


Thanks for the compliment, @paul37421! We will continue to make Alfred better in every possible way!

I would buy this if it were a one time fee not going to sink money into this month after month, if I wanted to do that would get a real service that hooks up to call center. Not to mention I would have to do OIS and android!

If this was a standalone App I would agree but you get the App for free and a decent secure cloud storage service for free. The subscription is for longer period storage, better Res, and a few other cumbersome, In my opinion, features.
The subscription model for this type of service is standard, just buy a cheap IP camera and a subscription is the first option.

I am new in this forum. I started using Alfred App almost one year ago now. I was wondering what have changed so far since 2016 when this comment was made? I want to know and maybe I can see where this app is coming from and could give a supportive feedback.