Pricing policy


Anyone wishing to use the useful search feature of the forum will see this issue has been mentioned a few times.
Seeing the issues that can arise after users have subscribed to the premium version would it not be wise to preempt this by giving users the full use of the features to see what Alfred is capable of and to make sure that their hardware and network are up to the task. Also this would give users time to iron out any issues before going premium. But if users have all the options already what’s left for the premium subscriber ?
Undeniably the greatest feature of Alfred is the secure cloud storage. Free users could be limited to a rolling 24 or if you are feeling generous 48 hours storage time and the premium users get the already Available 30 days.

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Dissatisfied with Premium Subscription. Refund

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This is where my pricing policy would be beneficial. After all the hardware is bought by and owned by the user the network internet and data connection is already payed for by the user so why should the user pay again to use their own equipment ?
Alfred provides a link between the users own equipment and Alfred’s own secure cloud storage.
Let users utilize their hardware which they have already paid for.