Premium quality is not really HD resolution



I paid for Premium account member and hope the resolution will be more clearly, but it doesn’t. I use Alfred to watch my son and his nanny at home all day and the vision quality is so blurred (especially 10 feet far from the camera). Plus, I used the Note 3 as the camera, and its lens are not that bad resolution as I see through Alfred.

It just uses 0.6MP ( Note 3 rear camera is 13MP) and stretch the image out to 946 x 631!


It use to be very clear before the new Beta!!! I REALLY want to switch mine back, but I don’t know how! Ugh!



Thank you for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear that the video quality has not lived up to your expectation. Surely we want our Premium users to be satisfied with the video quality. Alfred will continue to improve the application and perhaps give more resolution options to our users in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!


This is disappointed with the Premium version where the Alfed’s definition of HD is only 640x480. We have an indoor 12MB phone camera with 32GB storage, it would be helpful if the app can store the HD video locally and accessible from the viewer phone via wifi.