Premium purchase


Why do I have tp upgrade again ? I purchased the app just a few months ago and now I need premium ?


Hi @appsontoast,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

The upgrade you purchased, Alfred+, is the package that removes all ads permanently. This upgrade is no longer available, which makes you one of the lucky early adaptors!

The new upgrade, Alfred Premium, offers HD viewing/recording on top of ad removal. It is a monthly subscription, which means if someone didn’t get Alfred+ in time and they suspend the subscription, the ads will come right back. They don’t enjoy the same privilege as you do!

Please check out this post and watch some comparison clips other users sent:

We will continue to expand the package of services Alfred Premium offers. If there is any feature you would like to see, please let us know!



Is there any way to pay for the Alfred Premium package via a credit card instead of PayPal?



Thank you for reaching out!

If you tap on UPGRADE in the app, your purchase will go through Google Play Store and the credit card that you have stored in the account.

Hope this helps!


Tem como ter uma amostra de como funciona a versão premio durante uma semana??
E criar uma maneira de pagar com boleto.