Premium Doesn't Feel Very Premium 😢



Hey Everyone!

Sadly, I’ve been pretty disappointed with alfred so far.

I upgraded to remove ads a while back, then I have to pay £30 a year to use the zoom function on my own damn phone??? And why won’t they let us zoom in 3x???

I’ve already paid for the privilege of zooming in to 2x? Why stop at 2x? Wouldn’t 3x zoom also lighten the load on the bandwidth, as; a more zoomed in image is a more cropped sensor, so less pixels per frame!?! Why alfred? Why?

Speaking of frame-rate, it would be nice to be able to lock the frame-rate at e.g: 10fps. I rarely need more than that for surveillance. I’d rather the bandwidth/processing was dedicated to resolution.

Also, why can’t I choose to re-focus at will? Or focus with a slider UI Etc? Sometimes the camera focuses on the wrong place, and then refuses to correct itself.

Same goes for exposure. Some times the camera completely over exposes the frame. It would be nice if I could choose to dial it back or better yet, touch an area on screen that i want it to expose correctly!

For a £30 subscription, the level of control you give us is pretty pathetic. And it’s not like the app was launched yesterday and these are all just teething problems - this thing has been around for YEARS!!!

Is anyone else feeling disappointed with the features, or lack there of?



The zoom is still the full frame and is only cropped on the viewer. If motion happens off frame of the viewer it will still trigger. They have said they are working on correcting thay. As far as the zoom X’s. That seems to be dependent upon the phone. My S7Edge goes 2.0X but two much older Motorola’s go 2.5x. The new UI 2.0 (I do not like) only goes 1.5x. I do agree with some of what you say. I WISH they would let the phone use native camera controls internally. My Samsungs have UHD resolution with a FULL 16:9 display and other native controls. I can see limiting free users but I am paid and want the best my device can offer. As far as the cost… it is ONLY $30 a year… that is not much at all. Will see if they actually listen to and implement what us tech competent users suggest or not. That will be my deciding factor on renewal or not in another 8 months.


Ah! Ok, Interesting.

And yes, totally agree. My phone is capable of much better images. There was another app I tried that allowed 3x & 4x zoom and access to other controls and the image quality was still excellent, even fully zoomed, but sadly it would only record stills when detecting motion. So i know it can be done, but yes, where or not Alfred do it will determine my renewal too.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


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