Powerful Security App Applied on Neighborhood Watch


Are you a member of a neighborhood watch program? Does the participation in the neighborhood watch really prevent you from being a victim of a crime? Alfred Camera is a marvelous home security app that helps you not only secure your family’s happiness but also build stronger connections between the neighbors by simply turning unused smartphones into collectively monitoring cameras.

Many studies have shown that the average life expectancy of a neighborhood watch program is rather short. Also, it’s not that effective than you might think. A meta-analysis found that crime rate drops about 16% in neighborhoods protected by community watch programs, which is not a very obvious effect, considering the efforts you have to make.

Lack of citizen involvement is the main reason that makes the neighborhood watch sometimes vulnerable. Issues like inadequate planning, training or lack of leadership make the group less and less dynamic and make it end up falling apart. To prevent this from happening, we need a powerful tool to consolidate the organization and strengthen the bonds in the community.

New Style of Neighborhood Watch

Alfred Camera is a FREE security app that utterly changes the way you think a neighborhood watch can work. It can be the right-hand man to put the whole community under surveillance as long as you have a couple of old unused smartphones and Wi-Fi connection.

Here Is How Alfred Works

As a block captain or coordinator of a neighborhood watch, here are a few steps you might want to follow:

  1. Collect unused old smartphones owned by the residence in the community
  2. Install Alfred on all of them
  3. Fix them to focus on whatever you have security concerns for
  4. Build a Trust Circle to make everyone join the surveillance tasks

Trust Circle

Once you’ve done the deployment of the cameras, you might be wondering what a trust circle is and how it works. Sometimes you would like your neighbors to have access to your camera unit, but you don’t want to share your account with them as well. Trust Circle is designed for friends, family, or neighbors to lend a helpful, watchful eye by simply adding the accounts of the ones you trust to the circle. They are able to watch the live stream and receive the notifications on their own devices under their own accounts. In this case, everyone has the ability to keep their eyes always open and watch out for each other.

How To Build a Trust Circle

Lack of citizen involvement and trust is the main factor that cripples the organization. Please make sure each member in the community is fully involved no matter you are a member or a block captain of the neighborhood watch. By introducing Alfred into your neighborhood, not only your family’s happiness will be secured, but also the bonds between the neighbors will be strengthened. Embrace Alfred and create a trust circle in your community right now!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred will surely fail here especially having a trust circle with more than one person. Only one feed to watch and no motion detection whilst being viewed live. Inevitably some one will be logged in to the feed and forget to log out or fail to manually record an event of interest. What you going to do about it Alfred ? Multi streaming and motion detection still active please Alfred.

View Online for my blog box and Facebook (some have a Ring Neighbor program)

Hi @pinky-free-user,

Thank you for reaching out!

Indeed there are some issues may happen when many people have access to stream Live at limited Camera Phones. However, once a group of people can use the application wisely, build a trust circle with the neighborhood can be beneficial in some places where lots of areas need to be monitored. Appreciate the feedback!


@luke.yeh Alfred is great at what it does, it’s limitation is the single stream which is also what makes it so secure. Once it can motion record whilst being viewed and being used as an intercom will it maintain it’s secure source ? The cloud secure storage is invaluable.


I agree with pinkylee020


I agree with wife . H55 camera device. I want her tracking every time even device is offline.

Camera and audio.


This app is awesome. I paid the $16 to get rid of ads. Its now my pet cam and intercom to talk with dad. I used to pay a monthly fee and hundres of dollars per camera. Now I turned unused devices into cameras in different locations for $16 once! This could work with the community watch idea. It does have awesome motion detection, night vision, intercom and flashlight control capabilities. Yeah the problem would be the people and not the system. I forgot 7 days of free cloud storage.


OK so for me at least, the ugh “pack leader” of neighborhood watch is trying to have me evicted, she has nothing to do all day but sit around and hate, I feel badly for her, while she was doing nothing she had a bright idea to stalk me and added it as yet another method of harassment. She regularly breaks into my home and since I’m without Internet I thought to have the app work I’ll just leave y phone at home so it’ll stay in reach of my mobile hotspot and I’ll come home to video evidence I can turn over to police bcuz it’ll begin recording once motion has been detected…smh it doesn’t appear to be the case and Alfredo is negligent about being violently flawed. :frowning: why must one always be monitoring to have to decide when to record? I mean if it’s like that you might as well just stay home staring at your front door since they both amount to the same thing. Why won’t Alfredo begin recording upon detecting motion like real security cameras?

Alfredo please fix yourself so I don’t go crazy from being stalked and go thru the trouble of needing to find another app cuz I already have this one all set up and zip tied to a table leg. Like in your pix.help me pls! !!


@cherbascos if you have a pc or laptop at home you could email me I I could advise you of some alternative software.


Hi @cherbascos,

We took a look at the logs and it seems that you have set your Camera as Viewer. That’s why Alfred doesn’t work.

Please follow the instructions here to switch it to Camera and you will be able to start watching live feed and receive Motion Detection videos straightaway!

If the Motion Detection doesn’t work, please send us a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer. That way, we can give you more specific advice. In the meantime, experimenting with different setups could make a big difference.

Let us know if this helps!


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I’m in a similar situation. I am being stalked currently by people using a vr home security system named ALFRED. any ideas of how to do deal with these freaks who talk to me and watch me daily.



We are really sorry to hear what happened to you and that there is someone using our service for such an illegal act. Please ask the local law enforcement agency to contact us via the email (support@my-alfred.com) and we will cooperate with them for further investigation.

Keep us posted!













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