Post update problem with web viewer


Web Viewer has worked somewhat ok for the last couple months. Now since updating the app on my Microsoft surface pro running Alfred through Blue Stacks (Camera) my Samsung S9 (Viewer) works fine, but the Web Viewer on my other computer (2nd viewer) gives the “Camera Offline 7007” error, and will not connect.

Which device has the problem? Web Viewer on computer running Chrome
Device Model Name: ThinkCentre intel core i5
OS Version: Windows 7 Enterprise
AppVersion: Android 1698

I have deleted history and cookies on the computer. Logging out and then back in. I’ve tried to log in from an incognito window which does not work to fix the problem either.

Is there anything else I am able to try to get the Web Viewer on this computer to connect to my camera??


During the set up of my devices I read all instructions & information as thoroughly as possible. There is a setting for deciding the actions incoming viewers of Always Accept/Owner always Accept/deny any. So it is my understanding that there can only be 1 viewer at a time.

  • USE FREFOX for 32bit & 64bit computers
  • USE WATERFOX for 64bit

Whenever you experience issues with Web-based stuff, try alternate browsers.

I have Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, Edge. All three have same issue then its a computer issue such as plugin or driver usually.

Alfred ONLY work in Firefox or Chrome (FIREFOX IS BEST)

Cant view on pc
Webviewer isn't working

That is not the problem. Its a webviewer problem

I came here to find this also, exact same problem. Any viewing app on android works, but on my desktop, all my cameras now say offline. I know for a fact they are are online. I have checked them all physically and all say online, and like I said I can check them on the app from a viewer phone both from wifi and from data. Problem is only since today when I updated to build 1698

Which device has the problem? Web Viewer on computer running Chrome AND Firefox
Device Model Name: It’s a built desktop.
OS Version: Windows 10 Home
AppVersion: Android 1698


To verify Web-viewer problem, try alternate browser, if still no luck, check for flash update and java update for your PC Firefox or Chrome browser. Pretty sure Chrome doesn’t use real Flash, but just check for updates…


Are you just typing random stuff and not reading the posts? Because I specifically said in mine “running Chrome AND Firefox”


Yes, I believe we are all aware of the “1 viewer at a time” restriction. And as I already stated, this issue only presented itself after the update. After the update, I am unable to view the camera from the webviewer (with no other devices logged in as a viewer)


And your webviewer is not working on either Firefox or Chrome? Just to clarify.


I have tried Chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. There’s really no need to go any deeper into the weeds on this browser subject…


App is updated, but maybe not requirments for new update such as flash and java. Very critical


Further to the thread, right picture is from my viewer app, left is from the webviewer. taken at the same time. like 5 mins ago.

and no I posted those because they work(sarcasm)…of course they arent working thats why I put them in the support format that they ask for everytime…

Further to that, if it was a flash or java issue, they wouldnt push out a release of the app if flash/java release wasnt out yet to the public. If they did, thats bad programming. Thats like releasing a video game on a brand new engine that no computer is able to use. No one does that.

EDIT: I get you are trying to help, but posting the same thing over and over without reading what people are saying doesnt help


Simmer Simmer, Because your android works and not PC, that tells me its probably flash and java, but lets try one thing before you go verify for me your java and flash is updated.

Switch account on PC by clicking on your Account Symbol/Letter
Log back in to Viewer.

If not Flash and Java %99. Unless 7007 error means no internet, then I have a different idea as well, just bear with me. I’ll get you up and running again.


May also be BLUESTACKS causing an issue too possibly. I use to use Bluestacks back in highschool check out the link below (Bluestacks is very high on resources)


You do all those and, all are up to date, and you still have problems try different emulator if that’s whats is having viewing issues. But you shouldn’t be having PC browser issues with everything updated.

Your using the PC browsers for viewing correct, not the emulator droid browser. You just got cameras hooked up to the emulator and use a browser to view on same pc as the emulator?

I’m not Tech Support but I am a Computer Tech, and just been a user since it was founded Jan 2015

How diid you make out?


Woah. I thought I had technical difficulties! Holy :cow: I just got a glimpse of the shadow of my ignorance when it comes to devices & all etc.
I really am very impressed with how the support team works.
:sunglasses: You guys rock


Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Our engineering team team is looking into this right now. In the meantime, please provide us the screenshot by following the steps below:

  1. Clear the Website cache. You can check out how here:
  2. Log in Alfred Webviewer
  3. Press F12
  4. Click the ““Console”” category on the upper right
  5. Screenshot the page and send it to us

If You see the web address,, on the right-hand side after step 4, please click it and launch Alfred Webviewer again to see whether the situation persists.

Look forward to hearing back from you.


Thanks for the CHROME info, how bout a Firefox link


Thank you Ricardo, I logged in this morning and everything worked fine. No changes were made to any of my fully updated (java and flash) devices… I’ve logged into the webviewer with no issues. So what ever was done on your end worked great for my issue.

Thank you.


Glad to hear that the problem no longer exists. Our engineers found a bug yesterday and fixed it right away.

Thanks again for reporting the issue here and help us identify it. If you have any further question/feedback, feel free to contact us at any time!


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