Please cancel my annual subscription


Please help me by canceling my subscription. Your website and app don’t make it very easy.
The product is fine, but my home WiFi coverage is poor where I need the cameras (and I have a WiFi extender nearby).
Thank you!


Hi @stephanielhenley,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear you are thinking about canceling Alfred Premium. Please follow the instructions here to cancel your subscription:


I have to disconnect all iTunes and Apple Pay in order to cancel. Please help. My WiFi signal is too poor for the camera to be of any use.


My situation can be the same at times, it’s so frustrating with signal issues.

There’s a great need for a light version.


Hi @stephanielhenley,

Thank you for reaching back!

You may try to manage/cancel your subscription via PC. Please check out the link below:

Hope it helps!


I’ve already tried that. If I delete the app, will my membership expire?


Hi @stephanielhenley,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We take a look at your logs. It seems you do not have a subscription with your account at the moment. The only membership you have is Alfred Plus, which is a one-time payment to remove all your ads. Hope it helps!


Sorry Luke.

I see many times that you look at logs. What logs? How do you know which log is a person on the forum, compared to a paying user?

Thank you


Hi @chipfryer,

Thanks for reaching out!

We can check the subscription status via the Google account that users log in Alfred, or ask people send receipt to the email for further information. Hope it helps!


Thank you very much Luke.