Phone selection

How many years can a smartphone live if it works 14 hours a day? Should I choose inexpensive smartphones with Ali Express? For example:

Will fit on Android 2.3?
From the same phone I want to distribute the Internet to another ip camera.
What do programmers do to minimize the load on the processor?

Wow, what you doing ? Alfred turns your old device in to a sort of IP camera, don’t go a buy an old phone for £30 when for that money you can buy two proper IP cameras.
Especially don’t buy the Sony m4 it was a capable device solely let down by it’s storage which was so low it didn’t even have space for it’s own system updates.
Please re consider your actions, the only time I would recommend Alfred over an IP camera is for stealth purposes.

Thank you, I broke wifi modem ZTE mf65. The phone is needed at least for the distribution of the Internet on the ip camera. For short periods of time I will be able to turn on one of the two cameras of the smartphone. Phone space is needed only for a few programs for video surveillance and antivirus. A smartphone with 2 cameras could replace a set of modem, UPS and camera.
But it’s not designed for that. Do the creators of Alfred and other programs take into account what will happen to the phone?

You make some very good and valid points, if you have a remote location and no internet then a data plan contract and Alfred could make the perfect companions. In that respect if you are going to pursue this route I would recommend the best device you could afford, maybe a rooted device so you could use a vanilla custom ROM with no added unwanted bloatware and better customisation as you can uninstall unnecessary apps.
Keep us updated on your endeavours.

I don’t understand how Alfred can be used without the Internet.
Now modem earned. Paying for the Internet helped in this.