Phone positioning


Old waterproof alarm box. Wide angle lens. Bit of mastic. Phone charger inside is a plug type with the pins removed and a feed from the pir security light. Perfect. Thanks Alfred you saved me a hundred quid there.! Phone is an old lg which cost £20.

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That is an awesome set up! Thanks for sharing the details.


@janss67 Thanks Jan, am working on my infrared version ATM. Stay tuned.


Will be testing a macro lens conversion soon.


The macro lens test was a fail. I didn’t realize just how close you need any subject to be to focus. Anything over an inch away just couldn’t focus.

But damn good for close ups.


I have my driveway cam on the inside of the window with a makeshift wire coat hanger holding it so nobody couldn’t mess with it. Volume has worked flawless on it too (which is why I turned it off, LOL)! I know it never misses someone pulling up (or driving by either!)…