Phone keeps shutting down


Hello,i have little problem…
I downloaded Alfred yesterday and i kept getting some problems with my camera device.
Im using Alcatel Pixi 4(4) with Android 6.0 system as a Camera , Nokia 3 DS with Android 8.0 as a Viewer and i use the latest version of Alfred for bith phones but i dont really get the problem , the phone keeps shutting down and when i turn it on , battery is fine

Please help

PS. Im new here so if i posted / made topic in wrong place please tell me


@davidgloger730 I have not used the model you have referred to but I would start by checking your power settings.



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Please take a look at the battery stats in Settings>Battery. Does it show a sharp power drop? That could be an indication of a failing battery which could cause the symptoms you are describing.

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