Phone Added but not by our family (Very Concerning)



I was on the google play store recently to update the version on one of the camera phones I have as a ‘Camera’. I made a discovery I was kind of shocked by. When I was updating the phone I noticed another phone that was on the list that I had never added. I am concerned that somehow somebody added this to my account and could have been viewing my home unauthorized. The phone was from a different provider and brand I have never seen. This is extremely concerning to me.


Hi @c.a.rudat,

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I took a quick look in the database. For the moment there is only one Camera and one Viewer associated with this account, so there might be a misunderstanding somewhere.

Unless someone has your Google password, they can’t log in to Alfred with your account. To ensure information privacy, please turn on Google’s 2-Step Verification. That way, you will be notified every time someone logs in to your account on a new device.

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This happens with me too


Hi @thebrodah,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred.

The only possible explanation we have is the device you see belonged to you a long time ago. Nobody can add a device to your Alfred unless they have your Google password. If you have any concerns, please change your Google password as well as enabling 2-Step Verification. If you want, you can also send me a direct message and let me know the devices you have connected to your Alfred. I can double-check the list to let you know if I spot anything unusual.

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I agree that currently that is what I have linked together but I have attached proof that there was a phone updated on my account on January 2. The "Aeris Communications, Inc. Huawei MHA-L09 is not a phone I have ever added to my account and is not a phone I have ever even seen. Yet somehow it is on there and shows it was used on January 2. If I am going to continue to use this service I want it removed. If this happens again I will discontinue using Alfred.


And no I have never owned a Huawei MHA-L09 ever, I had to google to it to even learn what type of phone that is. It is either the creators of Alfred accessing unannounced or you have someone that has found how to penetrate and compromise accounts.


Hi @c.a.rudat,

Thank you for the reply.

What you see on the list is Google’s record of when your account has been accessed. You can find out more on Google’s “Sign-in & Security” page.

All we can tell you is there is no way for us to add devices to your account since logging in requires your password, and we can’t find these devices ever being associated with your account. As a result, we can’t “remove” it because it doesn’t exist in our database.

I will be sending you a screenshot of the devices associated with your account in a private message for your reference.


I went through the google history for the Date of the 2nd and the day before and after and do not see anywhere the phone of Huawei MHA-L09 ever accessed my Google account. I am not sure why it shows up on my list unless it is an error by Google. For now I will keep an eye out and make sure it does not get updated again, if so then there is more concern. I have since changed all my passwords and will reach out to Google to see if I can find out more.


Also, is there a way for me to remove that phone? I do not own a phone like that but is there a way to remove it from my Google account?


One last thing, I notice that when the camera is in the state of “This Camera is offline (7007)” and you try to “wake the camera up” it usually fails…I would say over 95% of the time. I am not sure why that is.


Hi @c.a.rudat,

Thank you for the reply.

Changing your password is the best course of action when you have any doubts about information security. As I have explained and showed you, the MHA-L09 does not exist in our database. Could it be a Google mistake? Maybe. I have tried to search for similar topics on their forum, but so far I haven’t been able to find anything useful. If you want it removed from your Google records, you might have to reach out to Google.

As for why you can’t seem to wake the Camera up most of the time, it depends on why the Camera went offline. If it is logged out or powered down, there is nothing you can do until you have access to the device again. The wake-up feature only works if your phone has gone into idle/standby mode.

I took a quick look at the connection logs, but your Camera has been working fine for the past couple of days. If this happens again, let me know so I can look into it for you!


Where do I look as far as phones that are connected to my account


Hi @t.sre72302,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

You can see all your Cameras on the Camera list by launching Alfred on your Viewer Phone. We will make last login records available for users in the future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can always send me a private message if you want to get a list of the devices that are linked to your account.

Hope this helps!


Hi @c.a.rudat,

I just wanted to let you know that we figured out how to check for activity on devices as well as deleting any device you might not own.

Please go to:

Log in with your account, choose “Device activity & security events.” You can then see all the devices that have been logged in with your account, where the device was, and the option to remove it.

Hope this helps!



I could see the activity, but I still can’t remove the phone. I do not see the option to “remove” the device can you be more specific?


Also, it appears the phone has been removed - but this was not by me. Something sure seems odd here, will continue to monitor and see if the problem happens again.