Person Detection for Android

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Any idea when the person detection for Android will be available?

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Lol, I just inquired the same thing around the same time you did… funny .

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That’s what I’m saying, I’m getting 18 thousand notifications a day because a leaf is fluttering in the wind, but if I switch to medium sensitivity, sometimes it doesn’t start recording big movements unless it happens more than once! Person detection for Android!


I have tried Person Detection and, it DID cut down on the recordings… it still likes some tree shadows blowing in the breeze but, still will not use it due to you HAVING to put it in v2.0 to use it and v2.0 is crap in comparison. Aspect ratio is all jacked and the pic is as if the sharpness has been turned way down and the zoom went from 2x to 1.5x. If this get put out in the official app and there is no alternative… I will find another app to do this job.

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