People in Trust Circle seeing camera offline

I added my family members into trust circle, but none of them able to view the camera. It shows camera offline in their app.


Hi @celine.lsy86,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please try to remove your family member from the trust circle and add them back again to see whether the situation persists. It seems a temporary glitch from the server recently. Hope it helps! Keep us posted!

Same here…

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Worked for me months ago. Remove the trust circle people. Then re-add them.

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Trust nobody. Think that was in a movie


Lol! Very funny Pinky


I’m getting the same thing after my wife’s account was having difficulty connecting to my trust circle so I removed her and re-added her and now it is worse. She will sometimes get the snapshots from the cameras to show up but they all say "This Camera is offline. (7007) and when you click on the camera it has a pop up that says "This device is offline (5016). We have tried it on two different devices with the same result. I have the add free version that is no longer available, I’ve been using Alfred for several years, and pay for the HD content. She just has the basic version with adds.

Same problem. Even re-add my wife in trust circle.


We’re sorry that the problem still persists.

Please go to Google Hangouts:

Add the Gmail Account of your partner to your contacts, and make sure you have accepted each other to be friends on both sides. The issue should be fixed afterward.

You may wonder why this would help. We use Google Hangouts to build a connection (just like adding someone to your FB friend list), so you can share videos with people within the same trust circle. We are not able to look through your messages, and our team is looking for another mechanism so that we don’t have to rely on this service in the future. Your privacy and information security are always our top priorities.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

My wife and I tried all of your suggestions, but it still tells her the camera is offline.

As a work around just create a new Gmail account just for Alfred. Then you can both use it as admins with out cross contamination of your personal accounts. I know this is not the answer you are looking for but at least you will both have access.