PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera


@AccessDenied just enable the server from the global settings page and don’t forget to add a username and password, search your router for port forwarding settings and forward the specified port to the local IP of your PC which should be something like you can then access your PC server from anywhere on the internet with your WAN IP and port number something like 653.723.224.56:4333 ,. If your WAN IP is prone to changing then you could set up a NO-IP service so you don’t need to keep checking the numerical IP.


@pinky-free-user I got it all setup on my 2nd PC. It is running great on the old spinner HDD for now. I will put an SSD in there tomorrow for faster saving. For now I am making sure the old quad core 3ghz with 4gb ram can handle it over night before I remove the SSD I have in here just for ContaCam to put it in the old PC. That way if it doesn’t work great over night, I can just use it on here like I have been doing. I didn’t need to forward any ports at all, rather just open PCNAME:8800/CameraName and the Recordings Browser loads right up on here while running on the other PC.


@AccessDenied that’s great Mate. Im sure you will have to forward the port to get out of the local network. Make sure you password protected the server.


I have no intention of using the server outside my local network. I have not set a password because it is internal only. My router is locked down and no outside access is possible (through regular means, it is 2019 lol).


Nice one Centurion


I just put a password on it anyway, to be safe. I cannot get the https to work securely for some reason. It is internal so it doesn’t bother me. It connects via port 8443 but Firefox reports the connection as not secure. Oh well. At least anyone I let use my wifi cannot access it without my user name and password lol.


HTTPS will be more secure but your browser reports it as not safe because of a certificate issue. If you read a little about these certificates and how much the cost then that might be the reason someone supplying software for basically free might not be able to afford one ? But the basic premise for HTTPS is the same with or without a proper certificate.


Thanks buddy! That really helps and I will change my bookmarks on here to use the https as long as it doesn’t bark at me every other time I load up the recordings.


Just add a permanent exception. Oh and welcome as always.


I think Firefox did that on it’s own after the first time I clicked on proceed anyway. I changed bookmarks for both cameras to use https. I know I can access them all from the home page in the browser but I prefer to load each camera seperately. :joy:


Oh and btw, if you have noticed the max buffer size is saying MAX xGB (lower than you want) but you want to extend videos using the “split longer than” setting. Just increase the pagefile size on the system running ContaCam.


Well, I went ahead and setup the access to the recordings for when I am away. It is really cool to have the actual ContaCam recordings available rather than the crappy motion detection of the Oswoo lol. I even added a shortcut to my Android home screen that loads up both cameras and I can tap on which one I want to check the recordings. I have Alfred protecting the server and more, with the IP Cams watching even more. All humming perfectly now.


@AccessDenied Alfred protecting the server, what a fantastic idea my friend


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how did you do that,i would like to use my laptop for camera



@platinumj615 you can do it many ways. If you are referring to using Alfred on your PC then you need to install an Android emulator. If you want another method where you take full advantage of your hardware for free with no ads or subscription then all the information is in this thread


Alfred is awesome right


@trextron5 Alfred Can certainly serve a purpose.
Just seems to require a lot of supervision lately.


I think you have a good case for an Alfred subscription then you can utilize the zoom feature.